Unlock Sexual Vitality and Pleasure Satisfaction
In This 3-½ Day Immersive Live Workshop

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Pleasure Island Experience
AnErotic Blueprint Festival

October 17th through 20th, 2024!
(Location: Denver Colorado)

(* The Exact Event Location Will Only Be Made Available to Ticket Holders.)

Discover Your Erotic Superpowers!

“Can you imagine having the map to your own yumminess?”

~ Jaiya ~

The Erotic Blueprints® provide a map to your pleasure.

Your eroticism is a mix of all the Blueprint Types: The Energetic, The Sensual, The Kinky, The Sexual and The Shapeshifter.

At this workshop, discover…
  • The ancient erotic secrets
  • Ecstatic breathwork
  • Advanced sex skills
  • And the sex magic…

That gives you the skills to master the terrain of your sexual satisfaction.

Our Blueprint Coaches and Masterful Teachers will show you the pleasure practices that unlock the mysterious pleasures of Energetic Orgasms, Kinky games and Sensual delights.

The cultivation of your Blueprint Superpowers will forever alter your experience of pleasure in your body.

Yes – I Want the Map to My Pleasure!

Unlock Your Pleasure Potential

“You are not broken. There is nothing here to fix. You are whole and complete just the way you are. Everything is perfect just the way it is. When we are whole and complete, it’s all play.”

~ Jaiya ~

Release The Energies That Block You From Experiencing Pleasure and Being Your Authentic Erotic Self

Have you got your foot slammed on the brakes when it comes to your pleasure?

Whether conscious or unconscious, we all struggle with inherited negative beliefs, inhibitions, hurts and judgements about sex.

It doesn’t matter how much you pump on the gas pedal. You’re going to be spinning your wheels, burning them out and getting nowhere.

Release the brakes, dismantle your Shadows and let go of the things that are holding you back.

We will help you free yourself from the shackles that suppress your orgasmic expression, so you can…

Enjoy your arousal, expand your turn on and feel the depth of your embodied pleasure.
Gain Skills to Release Those Energies That Are Blocking You From Being Your Authentic Erotic Self

If you’ve got your foot slammed on the brakes when it comes to pleasure, it doesn’t matter how much you pump on the gas pedal. You’re going to be spinning your wheels, burning them out and getting nowhere.

Wouldn’t it be great to release the brakes and let go of the things that are holding you back?

We will help you free that weight that holds you back so you can better access your arousal and feel the depth of your embodied pleasure.

Unleash Your ‘Empowered Erotic Persona™’

“What has been the cultural and conditioned identity around sex,
and who do you really want to be as an erotic being?”

~ Jaiya ~

What parts of your sexuality have you hidden away, abandoned, or shut down?

Is it embarrassment, fear, shame, and pain that had you bury these aspects of your truth?

What if you could be unabashedly YOU!

Free from shame, judgment, and blame?

It’s time to reclaim the TRUE you.

During Pleasure Island Experience, we’ll explore your Persona, so you’ll leave the weekend workshop as a more…

Expressed you. Unabashed, unashamed, unbridled YOU!

The vixen you, the sexy you, the slutty you, the innocent you, the bold you, the satisfied and unafraid you.

Your Empowered Erotic Persona(s) gives you the freedom to BE who you are, DECLARE what you want, and GET IT!

Come Play!!!

Le Bal Erotique

“I have never felt so safe to express my sensuality and turn on while sharing space with other people. The agreements of the container gave me autonomy, so my erotic expression was for me and no one else. Truly liberating!”

Experience The Erotic Blueprints in Your Bones…

The Blueprints are not an intellectual concept, they are a somatic (physical) and energetic language of pleasure.

Le Bal Erotique, is an exploration of The Blueprints through movement, breath and sound.

Accelerate your embodied understanding of each Blueprint Type, what turns each one on and how they move in your body.

Le Bal is NOT about dancing. This live DJ’d immersive experience is about trust, truth, exploration and expansion…

All in a safer space of sexual sovereignty.

Amplify your turn on, let the Blueprints move through your body, indulge in playful freedom, and shake your bad ass booty as you surrender to ecstasy.

I Want to Attend the Sexiest Dance Party of the Year…

Putting it ALL together

The Shapeshifter Experience

Imagine getting your desires fed and fulfilled…
Exactly the way you want it, your boundaries honored and your requests granted!

A powerful crescendo of the event, The Shapeshifter Experience, allows you to put all your workshop learnings to practice for your own personal pleasure.

The ultimate reprogramming of your nervous system to expand into the pleasure you deserve…

Empowered to use your voice, declare your boundaries, and request to be pleased exactly as you want…

This non-nude, no penetration indulgence into personal satisfaction shows you…

You can be fed and fulfilled in your sexuality!

A Safer Space to Explore

This all may sound really racy, maybe even intimidating, but…

You will be asked to partner up for verbal sharing exercises. So, if that’s uncomfortable for you, then I would recommend you don’t come to this event.

You will also have opportunities to partner with others for more intimate exercises. Or you may have come with your lover and you want to dive into a shared practice for the whole event. Great!

If you’re single and you want to stay in your own bubble for the intimate exercises, fantastic!

This event works for everyone, no matter your relationship status.

You never have to partner for physical exercises with anyone at this event. You’ll still get all the goodies this event has to provide.

We’re giving you all these experiences and tools with your clothing on and nobody invading your space or touching your body… in any ways you don’t want.

Boundaries are sexy!

Consent is our foundation!

This Event is For You If…


You’d love to amplify your pleasure…

Hang out with an empowered crew of sex-positive, conscientious beings for several delicious days…
Get some in-person time with Jaiya, Ian and our team Blueprint Coaches™ and Sexuality Experts…
And Experience some sex magic in your life!

We cannot WAIT to see you live, face-to-face and in-person for this incredible Erotic Blueprint Festival!

With love, passion and a special dose of sexiness,


Jaiya, Ian and Team Pleasure

IMPORTANT NOTE: Travel, food and lodgings for this event is not included in the ticket pricing.

The event will take place in Denver, CO.

For reasons of safety, we do not announce the exact location of our events to people who have not purchased tickets.

p.s. Email us with any questions about the event at [email protected]
We’re here to support you as you transform your life and we make the world a safer place for conscientious, consensual erotic expression.

Help us change the world!

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